Our Story

It all began with a $250 kid’s blazer.

Brittany VanMatre was knee-deep prepping for a family photo, and simply couldn’t believe the price tag of the one item she found suitable for her son to wear. How could a children’s clothing item -- something that her son would inevitably outgrow in a matter of weeks -- cost so much? Before she had left the store, she decided to resell the blazer after a few uses to justify the purchase -- and create a community of fellow conscious consignors (with kids).

Brittany soon realized that her post-purchase guilt was kind of the norm when shopping for her son. Her garage had been unable to fit the family car due to boxes of clothes too small for the little one’s growth spurts -- but dropping these boxes off at her local Goodwill almost made it worse. She couldn’t tell the true impact of her donations, and longed to know if they were making a real difference, or ending up in a landfill somewhere.

And so, The Spin-Off was born. Combining a way to make amazingly cute kids’ clothing accessible to amazingly cute kids by extending the lifecycle of each piece, The Spin-Off is a unique shopping (and reselling) destination designed to make a big impact on your little ones’ wardrobe -- and a positive impact on the planet.

Better Principles, Better Planet

Here at The Spin-Off, we are committed to…

Authentic Sustainability
We know that it’s harder and harder to justify new clothes, because no matter how ethically something was made, buying new still feeds into an endless cycle at the end of the day. By not letting what is already here on the planet land in a landfill and giving second (and third) lives to quality -- and ridiculously cute -- items, The Spin-Off is a champion of the most truly sustainable, eco-conscious shopping option out there.

Whether you buy, sell, or do both with us, you deserve to know exactly where your purchase is from and where it’s going (and also where it’s not going -- like a pile on the floor of a donation center, or on a barge to Bolivia). 

Effortless Style
Dressing your kid adorably shouldn’t be so hard -- or so guilt-inducing. We curate the best unique finds so that you can find anything you need, for any occasion and season, at any age.

Style doesn’t have to come at such a high cost to your wallet -- or to the planet. The Spin-Off makes luxury kids’ clothing accessible at a variety of price ranges, so that everyone in your family tree can enjoy quality cuteness.

Giving Back
Through programs like ReSpin and Spin & Give, we are constantly looking for new ways to give back to our planet and community.